Tomcsanyi Family Estate

Mutasd a szűrőket

“My parents worked hard, so that we can also work here with my wife now, and hopefully with my children in the future. We cultivate the grapes on 2.5 hectares in an organic way, observing and studying the plantations’ special needs. We see the estate as a garden where bugs, birds, fruit trees and many other plants live together; where we must oversee the harmony, which results in the creation of the base material for the wine. In addition to sulfur and copper we use orange oil and various teas for spraying, and we attach great importance to precisely coordinate seasonal works with nature.

We look at vintages as an opportunity to learn something new each year, so we do not use anything for the fermentation that would change natural processes! We want to get to know ourselves though winemaking, and thus we need the sincerest methods. The musts are fermented in barrels and amphorae and then matured in lees until bottling. In the last years our wines was bottled without filtering or fining, and no sulfur added. ” – Source: the winery’s website

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