Fekete Winery Somlo

Mutasd a szűrőket

“That timeless terroir has served winemakers for 1000 years and permanency earned them great reputation and honour among Europe in spite of the particularly small dimensions of the wine region. After the stormy 20th century recent decades brought improving prospects and conditions for quality winemaking in Hungary that makes us to believe that the name of the region shall now grow further.

Mr Béla Fekete, the ‘Grand Old Man of Somló’, the famed founder of our winery bought the first part of the farm in the beginning of the 70’s and extended it step-by-step to reach the current 3.5 hectares. Traditional vinification technology has been used from the very beginning, that is followed by at least 3-4 year long maturation in the cellar. That allows for the evolvement of all the value that was delivered by the very special soil and climate, giving a unique personality to our wines.” – Source: Fekete Winery Somlo

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