Mutasd a szűrőket

Production on our 3-hectares is characterised by low yields and predictability, always with healthy fruit and terroir in mind. We are ‘raising’ grapevines,  that is why, from pruning to harvest, we use a lot of manual labour. We aim for a peak performance in every vintage.   Vineyards named ‘Diós’ and ‘Fáy Hill’ play a central role in our work. They are two areas with different characteristics, focusing on blaufrankisch and  ‘MÁTRA red’ as a DOC category. In my opinion this grape variety is intended to reposition the Mátra appellation.

While I am a maximalist in the vineyards I am a minimalist in the cellar. After berry picking, the free run juice is separated from the press-juice, all with the belief that the highest quality is absolute. There is no permanent recipe; every year at the time of harvest we fine-tune the technological processes and make decisions about where and for how long it takes to preserve the values ​​of the wine, until it is bottled.”

Rough-translated from a Hungarian text written by Balazs LUDANYI, founder-winemaker of CENTURIO Estate

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