PAP Wines Welschriesling

3 600 Ft

Full-bodied, volcanic welschriesling

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“PAP wines is an artisan winery making “vins de garage” style wines. It was founded by Aron Molnar and Karina Vissonova owing to the passion for wine and the joy of working with nature. We handcraft a small selection of high quality wines.

Our vineyards of 2.8ha are cared for with low intervention methods, cultivating their highest potential to produce vintages representing the terroir. We believe the lay of the land and the volcanic soil of the Szent György-hegy offers unique wines true to the land.
Our job is to bottle this truth.

The basalt rich volcanic soil of the Szent György-hegy, its generous slopes facing the lake Balaton and the preserved biodiversity compose a land with distinct characteristics for its vineyards. Our vineyards are located on 2.8 hectares on the South and South-East slopes of the volcano. We work with low-intervention biodynamic methods of vineyard care. The grapes are harvested by hand.

Our small selection of up to 8000 bottles is made in “vins de garage” style as well as with ancestral wine making methods. We craft our wines with low intervention in the making process, containing low sulphites and no additives. Both red and white wines are matured in barrique barrels of Hungarian oak. We have single vineyard wines and wines from our renovated 40 year old vineyard.

All our wines show considerable notes of volcanic minerals and salinity attributed to the wines of the Szent György-hegy. Our white wines tend to offer intense colour and complex pallettes, characterisitic to volcanic wines.”

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