Balla Sziklabor Feteasca-CabFranc

6 100 Ft

An exciting blend of indigenous Feteasca Neagra and Cabernet Franc grapes.

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“Feteasca-Neagra and Cabernet Franc blend – Stone-wine

The 2012 vintage of this wine was one of our cellar’s most succesful one, it won the trophy gold medal at 2015 Vinagora International Wine Competition in red category. Made from 60% Feteasca Neagra and 40% Cabernet Franc grapes, the wine displays the characteristic of both varietals: the fruitiness off Feteasca and the spicyness of Cabernet. The barrel usage adds a hint of vanilla and tobacco on the nose. Ripe tannins on the palate, together with minerals of the specific growing area. Subtle complexity and long finish. Fermented spontaneously, 225 l small barrels. Has a potential of 10-15 year long further ageing in bottles. 

Grape: feteasca neagra, cabernet franc
Vintage: 2015
Type: Red
Sugar: dry
Vinification: 225l small barrel fermentation and ageing
Alcohol: 13 %
Volume: 0,75l”

Source: Balla Winery, Minis, nr.Arad, Transylvania

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