Fekete Béla Hárslevelű 2008

8 700 Ft

The very last ‘Bela Fekete’ wine on the market – in every sense

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This is the very last wine that was produced AND bottled by Bela FEKETE, 93 year-old legendary Somlo winemaker. Its lable is slightly different to the new ones. The Fekete Estate was purchased in 2014, still with vintages 2009-2013 in the cellar. These wines were created by ‘Uncle Bela’ but bottled already by the new owners. The first vintage that did not have Bela Fekete’s 100% attention is the 2015. ( we must note that it is not at all behind any of the previous ones, if anything, it actually improves the brand on many level )

The last 200 bottles of 2008 Hárslevelű has been purchased by Somlo Wine Shop. We are now releasing a few cases of this stock till the end of the summer, but the rest we would like to age some more. If the scriptures are true, this now 10 year old beauty still has at least 10 more active years – but we would also like to keep some for 20 years from now. We hope to show the generations coming after us the amazing aging potential in Somlo.

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