MORIC wines on Somlo

He came to us in 2013 first. We had no idea, who he was, but hated him from the first moment. He was very confident and highly provocative. He stayed on our terrace for over 4 hours, tasting literally EVERYTHING, disecting each and every wine to molecules  – as well as us, with his relentless questioning.  We learned his the very next day when we found out that we had the pleasure of hosting Mr Roland Velich.

And that he is one of Austria’s most famous, most unique, most ‘distant’ and controversial winemaker. And that he is considered as the world’s best blaufrankisch grower, that the top restaurants in about 40 countries are queuing up for his wines, and that he is regularly given 98 Parker points for breakfast but prefers to eat journalists at this time of the day…We also learned that he is a visionary, a meacenas-mentor, a philosopher and an ex-croupier. That he is about the only Austrian winemaker, who considers Burgenland and Hungary as one, part of a single Pannonic wine region and spells the name of his winery the Hungarian way.

Then, in the following years we also learned that he is maximally maximalist, and that in fact he is increadibly warm-hearted and generous, amazingly intelligent and knowledgable, a real long-term strategist. That he cares for old Hungarian grapes and the countries outstanding growing areas. We also learned that if one asked him nicely, he would accept an invite to be the guest of honour on Somló Winemaker’s Gala event.  That his working capacity as well as his professional knowledge and contact-network is huge but also that he is happy to share any of these with those he chooses to mentor, sacrificing a lot of his own time to do so.  That he tastes like a Master Sommelier and has a relationship to WINE so powerful almost as to his own children.

In the past 5 years Roland came to us many times on Somló – a terroir region considered by him as one of the world’s most unique. We also had the honour on several occasions to be invited to his own estate (  the last time at harvest-time, at 9 pm on a Friday night, asking for a ‘fairly good English-speaking marketing professional’, to be reporting to his vigneron at 6 am on Lutzmannsburg vinehill, no need to bring your own scissors.… 🙂  )

In 2017 he choose a Somló winemaker, Tamás Kis to be the next producer in his HIDden treasure own-lable wine project, giving the top-restauranteurs of 38 countries the opportunity to learn Tamas’ and Somló’s name at the same time.

From May 2018 his wines are also available in 60 m2 Somló Wine Shop, located behind God’s back, right on top of Somló-hill, in a vineyard.
Also, you can order them to be delivered to your home.
JUST. Because.. why shouldn’t they be..
Danke Sehr, Herr Velich.”

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