Customer loyalty program 2017

Now that turns 3, we figured it was time to thank you all for your ongoing support and yes, let us not forget: for making 2016 our most successful year ever! 

To express our gratitude we devised a simple, 3 level loyalty membership scheme, starting from Januar 2017. We are now offering lifelong memberships and various unique discounts for our existing loyal customers as well as starting a new, purchase-value based discount system for our future  partners.

Conditions, levels and discounts of the loyalty membership program:  
Platinum –   spend at least a total of 150 000 HUF with us by January 2018, and become eligible for an automated 12% discount on both products and shipping ( = your online basket ) if you live abroad, or receive free shipping if you live in Hungary.
Gold – spend a minimum of 100 000 HUF  for 10% basket discount and free national delivery.
Premium – 50 000 HUF total spend  – 8% basket discount and free shipping within Hungary

We started tracking the cumulating value of your orders from January 2017. Should you reach any of the above spend limits, we will automatically send you your loyalty-membership e-code, ready to be used for discounts already  on your next order. ( do drop as mail to, should the code not arrive via e-mail within a week  )
VAT and shipping costs are excluded, only the net value of wines ordered will count towards your qualifying total spend. Your spend-summary and your discount e-code are both e-mail based – make sure you log in with the same one.  Discounts within this loyalty program are only valid for online purchases made on Once you receive your membership code, it is yours – it will not expire nor will you have any further obligation to purchase more from us again to retain it. We issue one code per user and it remains the same even if you step up to the next level of membership. With the codes we are e-mailing you instructions on how to use them, but in the meantime, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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