Jó borokat,élvezettel!

Hegykapu customers get free domestic delivery

Ask for our embossed leaflet from Hegykapu staff on Somló-hill to get a free delivery of our wines anywhere within Hungary!

MORIC wines on Somlo

He came to us in 2013 first. We had no idea, who he was, but hated him from the first moment. He was very confident and highly provocative. He stayed on our terrace for over 4 hours, tasting literally EVERYTHING, disecting each and every wine to molecules  – as well as us, with his relentless questioning.  We learned his the very next day when we found out that we had the pleasure of hosting Mr Roland Velich.

Can’t find your favourite Somlo wine?

Should you have a favourite that you tasted at our shop but it is not available for home delivery, tell us by sending us an e-mail to info@borarum.hu and we’ll let you know if we can still ship it.